Virtual Visits

Virtual Visits & Telehealth Services at Neurology Consultants

Neurology Consultants is pleased to offer virtual office visits for patients unable to visit us in person. Here are our simple instructions for virtual visits:

1. Call the office and schedule a time for a virtual visit. Our medical assistants will review your medical history and medications and collect insurance information.

2. Sign into the website 5-10 minutes prior to your scheduled visit time. Allow yourself extra time if you are not familiar with this process.

3. To sign in

From a computer: Use Chrome or Firefox browser on your computer, click on the link below for your doctor.

From an iPhone: Using the Safari browser, click on the link below for your doctor.

From an Android phone: Use the Chrome browser, click on the link below for your doctor.

4.  Allow the program to access your camera and microphone. 

5.  Enter your name to sign into the virtual waiting room.

Please note: the doctor only enter virtual exam rooms with patients who have an appointment.  If you do not have an appointment scheduled, no one in our offices will know you are waiting to be seen.

Insurance: Medicare requires that patients agree verbally or in writing to the virtual visit. Patients are responsible for copays or deductibles.  Contact your your health insurance carrier to see if they pay for virtual visits/telemedicine.